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This was by far the worst experience that we have ever had with a company. We went in sometime at the beginning of the year of 2008 to get a car title loan to help pay some bills.

The individual who we spoke with took all of our information and gave us the loan with no problem. Well, we ended up having to move because of circumstances at our apartments. We called Texas Car Title & Payday Loan services inc in Carrollton, TX to update our phone number since we had moved. Several months later they came and got our car at 2:00 AM.

We called the next day and they "said" that Texas Car Title and Payday loan services inc. had called us and left numerous messages. We asked the individual what the number was, and it was not our number. This is why we had NOT received the messages.

We were told that we had 15 days to get the money to them, or we would lose the car. We took the money into Texas Car Title and Payday loan services inc. to pay off the loan and get our car title back as well as the car. Now all of a sudden, the idiots working their didn't have our title and, unlike what the gentlemen said who towed the car, was not stored their on-site.

They told us that the Car was at an Auction house all the way in Irving, TX. Which was only about 20 min. away, but, conviently, the Auction house was to close in 3 min. So, now here we are, just paid off the Texas Car Title and Payday loan and couldn't get our car or title.

We live in Greenville, which is about 50 miles from Dallas, so it was a few more miles to get to Carrollton. We then went the next day to the Auction house to pick up our car, and were told that we were suppossed to have an appointment. Oh, did I mention, the guys at Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services inc. in Carrollton,TX did not know the hours of the Auction house or any information about getting our car.

So, we were not informed that we had to have an appointment to pick up OUR car, after paying the Title Loan off. So, we get to the Auction house, and the lady says that she'll have to see if "Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services inc. faxed the correct paper. Because SHE said that we were suppossed to make an appointment to pick up the car and asked if we were told this.

We told her NO, and she just shook her head. She then went and looked to make sure that they had faxed the correct papers and released his car to us after we paid the storage fees. After getting the car back, we noticed that certain items were missing. We asked the Auction house if they would have removed the items, and they said NO.

We were told by the Auction house that wouldn't have just removed a few items, they would have removed everything if the car was going to Auction. So, we contacted Texas Car Title & Payday Loan services inc. Customer Service line the next day. We were told by them that they were not responsible, and to ask the Tow truck driver and the Auction house.

We already covered the Auction house, and called the Tow truck driver, who said he did not touch anything in the car. He said he left our car in the parking lot and left the key in the drop box. These two individuals should not have ever gone in our car for any reason. So, that's fine, whatever, Texas Car Title & Payday Loan services inc.

overall is corrupt as well as a bunch of thieves and liars. So, what I am trying to say to you is that if you need money to pay bills, DO NOT GO THROUGH "Texas Car Title & Payday Loan services inc.

They'll rip you off and *** around.

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Houston, Texas, United States #662182

Is idiots like you that ask for a loan that they can't pay off then cry when the car gets repossed you owe money what do you expect free money and to only pay when you want you signed a contract and you knew your car was at risked if you wouldn't pay


Yes carrollton location is a rip off and these people will burn in ***!!!


You know when your payment was due, and you have there info. Your n adult noone should have to remind you about your own bills.


We were making the payments... per the agreement with the person that they fired.


Why didn't you continue your payments? Your information changed, not theirs. You would have never gone through this if you had taken care of your business.

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