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Not only, did they tow my car the day before my payment was due, they moved all things inside of my car to a random storage facility run be illegal felons! They lied to me, and failed to left out all the fees that they were going to charge. My final payment was $150, and I ended up paying $575... Hmmmm. Shady business

Whatever you do read the reviews, dont give your business to this place, search and look some where else. you will get ripped off and be very unhappy!

I hope this company goes out of business they should be asahmed for their maniuplation and dishonesty.

Review about: Texas Car Title And Payday Loan Loan.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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They towed your car before you were even due? Sounds a little bit like a lie to me.

The vehicle isn't even authorized to be picked up until you are at least 10 days late. Nice your bills.

to BS #798790

I used to work for this company and I witnesses 3 customers complaining, bacause Texas Car Tittle went into their's bank account and took their weekly salary a day before the payment was due. So I know for fact is true. Nice try BS...go get u a better job with a honest company if u can.

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